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Patient Testimonies

Jenna Howard

In high school, I developed a herniated disc. I tried everything - physical therapy, pain pills, exercise, and cortisone epidurals. Nothing gave me relief from the constant pain in my lower back and from my sciatic nerve. Eventually, I had a laminectomy with a discectomy. It relieved the pain but also caused loss of mobility in my lumbar region as I healed. I thought that was my new normal at 20 years old. Then my husband started seeing Dr. Harris and had a great experience. He tried and tried to get me to go but I was skeptical of chiropractic. I was also worried that seeing a chiropractor would make my back worse and possibly injure my spine where I'd had surgery. A few years later, after talking to my husband and having him play messenger asking Dr. Harris this, that, and the other about how he could help me, I finally decided to go. The only regret I have now is that I wish I'd started seeing him sooner! I feel great all the time. My back is functioning normally again (I can bend over and touch my toes!!!!!!!) and the swelling is gone from around my scar. It was swollen for 4 years. Again, I thought that was my new normal post surgery. I feel wonderful - the best I have in my entire life! I try to spread the word every chance I get about how great chiropractic is.

B. Adkins

My first experience with Chiropractic was in 1978. Coming from a traditional medical orientation I was skeptical and at the same time curious about it. Over the years I've experienced many good chiropractors and have gone to them off and on in various places I've lived. It had been several years since I had seen a chiropractor when I met Dr. Harris in 2005. I suffered from lower back pain, from a degenerative neck, shoulder pain and foot problems. I was in a lot of pain, much of it chronic. I was resigned to live with the pain - figured it was just what happened when you hit 50 - but some of the neck pain and shoulder pain became so unbearable I couldn't sleep or find any position to be comfortable in. My left elbow hurt to the point I had to use both hands to pick up a cup of coffee. After seeing Dr. Harris regularly, not only did the severe pain go away, but the chronic pain I thought I'd just have to live with went away too. It's like being in my 30's again. He is by far the best I've experienced. He has a gift for zeroing in on problem areas and taking care of them. Now I see him once a month to keep in optimal physical health. I have told many of my friends about him and he has been able to help every one of them without exception.

D. Anderson 

I had never been to a chiropractor before Dr. Harris & now I don't think I could live without him! He has literally saved my life (quality of life, that is!) on more than one occassion. He has helped me with my back issues when I could not sit, stand or even walk & everyday I went in to see him there was a marked improvement until I felt even better than before the injury! As long as I stay loyal to him & have an adjustment once a month & feel great! No one should go through life without such a miracle worker, I know I won't! Thank you Dr. Harris for all you do & I tell everyone about you nearly everyday!

S. Seely

A year ago I came to Dr. Harris' office to consult for foot problems. I could barely walk a few feet without extreme pain. My toes had started turning inward, my ankles were fallen and appeared that I was walking on my ankles! My feet swelled every day, painful to walk or stand. I had been to 3 medical professionals including 2 podiatrists and was advised I would need complete re-constructive surgery on both my feet in order to correct the problems and walk. As much as I believe in doing things the natural way, this time I thought there was no choice. I could not see how I could be helped naturally, the problems were just too severe and disabling! I was given the name of a very good foot surgeon in Dallas and had already made an appointment to go and schedule surgery when my husband said I should go to see Dr. Harris and get his opinion about my feet. See if Dr. Harris could help me with my feet? I then went in to see Dr. Harris. He immediately named the condition (which I had not heard from any prior medical visit) and said he believed he could help me. He said it would probably take years of therapy, but his goal was to make my ankles functional and for me to walk without pain. Well, I said, okay, lets get started. Worth a try before letting someone cut my feet and lay in bed for 6 months per foot! To my amazement, the first day Dr. Harris worked on my feet (was painful let me tell you) I walked out of his office without pain! I was scheduled to come twice per week and then once per week and then per two weeks. Well, its been a year now. My feet are doing so well that I can walk anywhere for just about any length of time without any problems. No more swelling, very little pain ever. I am continuing the therapy every other week and sometimes every week. I need to mention I also purchased the Dr. Harris' special orthotics and took his advise on wearing shoes 1 size larger. My feet are much better, my ankles are gaining strength every day. I have even started to wear normal shoes for a few hours a couple of times per week (such as high heals) and my feet look a little better in appearance. Can't beat that can you? I am very grateful to Dr. Harris for his approach to health and healing. He is the best! I would highly recommend him to anyone. Its worth traveling a distance to see a doctor that is so capable. I will forever be grateful.

This patient wished to remain anonymous  

I was referred to Dr. Harris by a coworker in 2006 for a pinched nerve in my hip. After several adjustments, I was able to sit at work and resume normal activity within a few weeks. I also noticed I was sleeping better and able to do more after everything was lined up. I started on maintenance a few months after that. I remarried and my husband was not keen on chiropractors as a whole and saw it as a fraud. Once he went after a sports injury, felt the difference in his daily movement as well as how much it helped his sleep now he is a big supporter. I even had surgery recently and being manipulated by the hospital staff caused secondary muscle pain in my neck and back. Dr. Harris was able to adjust me without causing injury and allowing me to be pain free faster and without additional pain medication or treatment. Every time I have any issues, he listens to my concerns and issues and provides natural healing. This is one doctor who is looking at your overall well being.

D. Mays

I've been seeing chiropractors since 1968 and I can tell you that Dr. Harris is by far the most talented! I was plagued by constant ear infections for years that baffled the MD's. Dr. Harris kept me infection free for almost 20 years! He also has extra training which the average chiropractor doesn't have, such as when I strained my pelvic ligaments. Very painful, but after one treatment I was pain free! Recently he has discovered the right blend of supplements that has reduced my chronic allergy symptoms by 90%. He is one of the most caring individuals I know. Give him a chance to help you and you will be very glad. He is also extremely caring.

Jason Dixon

I used to wake up in the mornings with headaches and had difficulty turning my head to the right, which made driving safely a challenge. I also sprained my ankle as a child, injured my lower back by carrying amplifiers back and forth in high school, and had a bad habit of "popping" my back by leaning back on a chair. There was always a temporary relief accompanied by a lot of cool popping sounds, but I did a lot more harm than I realized. So I was in pain most of the time and I, like many other people out there, thought I was invincible and that the pain would go away all by itself... It only got worse. So a friend told me that I needed to go see Dr. Harris.

I finally went to Dr. Harris in October of 2007, and my health has been transformed. I used to think I was healthy, but I soon learned that I had to change my definition of health to allow for something greater than I had imagined. Dr. Harris, through the miracle of chiropractic, has restored full range of motion to my neck, helped me strengthen my chronically weak ankle, and... what back pain? I also learned that a healthy spine promotes a healthy nervous system, which supports the entire body. Chiropractic isn't only about getting your back fixed and getting out of pain.

I know that I get much more out of life because I get adjusted. Thank you Dr. Harris, and thank you chiropractic!

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